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"The Humbuckin' Pickups are the best band that no-one has ever heard of"
 - Andrew Pattison (The Troubadour Foundation) 


The Humbuckin’ Pickups bring their “Roots Drenched Folk” sound to festivals and venues all across Australia in 2023 to support their newly announced third album "Just Like Winter". The Troubadour Foundation Award and Maldon Minstrel winning outfit build on their first two offerings with a record that is filled with imagery of rural and regional Australia, and filled with the band's distinctive string accompaniment and four-part harmony. Wielding guitars, dobros, banjos, double bass and mandolins the quartet will draw you in with their love of storytelling through music, their humour and their four-part harmony. 

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Geelong by the powerhouse Zac Barter, the CD is a raw and honest exhibit of what the band (Maxine Sutcliffe – Bass, String Parts and Harmonies, Trevor Dwyer – Guitars, Vocals and Banjo, Vinny Russell – Guitars and Mandolin, Ewan Cloonan - Guitar and Vocals) has to offer. At times gentle and conversational, at times raucous and wild, the album is an unadorned showcase of frontman Ewan Cloonan’s award-winning song writing - with debut songwriting and lead vocals from both Trevor Dwyer and Vinny Russell. ​

"Just Like Winter" follows their 2019 album, The Well.  This album sees stories collected from around the world come alive through dextrous musicianship and high-energy performance: "as expected – clean, acoustic playing that’s well balanced with flawless vocal harmonies and beautiful, folk roots melodies" (Divide and Conquer Music). 

In 2015 the band released their debut album ‘Skullduggery’, a completely live studio album which displayed their raw and heartfelt treatment of Cloonan's songs. This release saw the band's first single ‘Dunedin Star’ climb atop the AMRAP regional charts in December of the same year, a sign of things to come for the group.

Photo by Darren Clarke
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